During last years, the importance of developing STEAM values and skills, and the need to integrate them in education has been highlighted. Many schools, VET centers and universities are incorporating STEAM initiatives to their trainings.

The integration of STEAM values in adult education, however, is still a challenge for our society, due to the difficulty to design STEAM learning paths as well as  due to the limited motivation of adult learners towards some areas, which are often considered as too “technical” and linked to certain specific professions.

In this context, STEAM People Project is born, with the main objective of putting an end to the limitation of adult learners towards STEAM areas. In order to do that, we have designed specific tools and materials to integrate those values in adult education.

STEAM People objectives are

To spread the model of STEAM education in adult education practices in Europe.

To promote a culture of scientific thinking for decision-making, problem solving, analysis, innovation and creative and critical thinking in adult learners.

To improve the perception of adult students towards STEAM areas, developing their competences in different fields:

  • Mathematical competence
  • Competence in scientific and technological culture
  • Competencies in the treatment of information and digital competence
  • Social and civic competences
  • Competence in humanistic and artistic culture
  • Competence in learning to learn
  • Competence in communication in the own language (and, in its case, in others)
  • Competence for autonomy and personal initiative

To prepare adult learners for lifelong and autonomous learning, developing critical thinking and promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship.

To promote the professional development of adult trainers for the integration of STEAM models in their training programmes and activities.